What's a Wamba?

  • Tech-obsessed
  • Eager to please
  • Hard to beat

WambaTech came kicking and screaming into this world, conceived by a passion to innovate and a dash of mania. Our brave CEO, Nat Plane, believed he could build a lead engine superior to the one he had been supporting as a developer. Turns out he wasn’t just being cocky. Soon he had oodles of clients signing on for what would be our flagship product, WambaTech Lead Server. The whole fam-damily got in on the madness. Nat’s dad and two brothers joined force, making essential their own design, networking, and development skillsets. Two years later, WambaTech had its first contract with a major entity to build a custom lead-processing solution for Lincoln and Ford nameplates.

Add 12 height marks to the wall and we are a tween! Our family has expanded six-fold and now composes a full-suite custom-software .NET shop. We are one of very few in our home state of Michigan. Our specializations include all forms of digital marketing, and custom data management and processing applications. Specifically, that means enhancement of hundreds of websites, email and other social media marketing, as well as architecture and maintenance for lead-processing systems, data normalization and validation programs, consumer data management products, inventory tracking platforms, administrative data portals, and more.

Our Detroit Metro-based team is our greatest asset, most of them with interdisciplinary technology skillsets and domain knowledge crossing markets. While others may need weeks on that estimate, we huddle up and turn around flexible, comprehensive solutions at breakneck pace. Our pride comes from our agility, innovation, accuracy, and our consultative nature. Our satisfaction comes from over-delivering, outperforming, and trying to be heroes.

Who We Are

Nat Plane
Chief Executive Officer
Only due in part to his eureka-moment outbursts of song, Nat is WambaTech’s heart, soul and passion. His desire and raw talent took him from dev’ing his first major product in his dad’s basement to CEO of a fully established tech shop. Twelve years later, Nat is still gaining steam. His acumen for fully conceptualized technical solutions of every variety and fast analysis – not to mention his on-the-fly math skills – have cast doubt that he is 100% human. We won’t call him a robot, but we do call him boss as well as friend. In his downtime? Ahahah, downtime. Right.
Rob Plane
Chief Security Officer
One day Rob will retreat to his cabin deep in the woods but not so long as we require his “help!” Rob is the one we call (out loud, and quite literally). For anything really. Rob was essential in WambaTech’s conception, providing expertise in hardware and network solutions. With more than 7,000 moons’ worth of experience, he remains our Jack of All Trades in technical, practical, and human areas. If Rob is not putting out a fire here, he’s in the wild starting one at his campsite.
Stephanie Vemula
Chief Operations Officer
Cats need herding? Get Steph. She’ll whip any group, project, or process into shape. Steph’s MBA in Project and Operations Management, along with her 12 years of specific experience, serve us well here. She can pivot like a ballerina, ushering in change and challenge. When Steph isn’t getting the best of her team, she also enjoys globe-trotting, pajamas, and nursing a serious cookie addiction.
Andy Belicka
The Force is strong with this one. Andy sets the bar with his appreciation for the entire software development cycle. His prior IT project management experience added to 10 years of software development make him a master. At WambaTech, he dev’s for our automotive lead processor. When he isn’t playing calm, cool, and collected at work, he’s training his young Padawan with his Jedi queen.
A.J. Bevevino
Program Management
A wise mentor once told A.J., “No mistakes.” Following that advice gained him a rep so pristine we’re lining his office with banana peels just to see his fall from grace. We kid. For six years, A.J. has been our email marketing program lead, steering all process aspects and assuring results. When not attempting perfection, he’s watching the Wings with his ginger wife and their ginger dog.
Amy Bevevino
Looking for a needle in a haystack? NP. Amy has more than 15 years of experience in various capacities of management, research, analysis, and quality assurance. We admire her attention to detail and readiness for nearly anything we throw at her. When she isn’t making us look good, she's reading up on how to survive a shark attack, an avalanche, or her kids’ requests for candy. Prepared is an understatement.
Bonnie Chrzanowski
Quality Assurance
If you give it to Bonnie, it will get done right. Bonnie has nearly 30 years of QA experience. She has a specialized skillset in user experience, as well as device and browser compatibility. Like the bowler she is, she finds the error and strikes. Both hockey fanatic and devoted grandma, when she isn’t cleaning up our mess, she’s traveling with her husband and giving her time to veterans.
Chris Courtois
Thank goodness Chris took time off from perfecting his dancefloor game in the ‘90s to learn to code. With nearly 20 years of experience, Chris has spent most of the last five as lead dev on our automotive inventory management system. His special regard for business means he can talk the talk and dev the code. With his dancin’ days mostly behind, he’s content now to flex his dad skills. Try ‘n challenge him to a dad-off. You’ll regret it.
Nick Doyle
Nick’s been like really busy. He recently trained for and completed several triathlons in addition to picking up a photography habit. In the last year, he also got hitched, spent three weeks in India, started to plan upcoming trips to both Japan and Mexico, and scored a new gig as a Wamba. Sure he’s done a lot lately; but what isn’t new is his longstanding passion for technology, ongoing self-improvement, and quest for knowledge.
Jeff Goergen
Transformers hoodie? Check. Solid code skillz? Check. Multiple endearing nicknames? Check. Jeff’s the dev we all want on our team; he’s not only cool and caring, he’s solution-focused, and he always over-delivers. Jeff’s been at it for 20 years. For the last eight, he’s been maximizing your online vehicle-shopping experience. He’s a dev, a photographer, musician, artist, and everyone’s BFF. And now, he’s blushing. Check.
Chris Green
Do you have a vision? No worries, Chris does. With 20+ years of design experience, he is an expert in translating business goals to effective messaging. He is our go-to product designer for new initiatives. When Chris isn’t mocking up, he’s brushing up on design trends, and leading the way in our creative department. Yep, a real show off. Oh, and get this. He’s also Canadian, a home-renovation enthusiast, and a killer mixologist. Gold star!
Dustin Kingen
Dustin is our newest Wamba. His team, however, is pumped about his super-fresh ideas, crazy smarts, and absolute willingness to jump right in. We’re not sure we’ve seen a dev take off quite like this. Did they make sure to clear the tarmac first? Sheesh! When Dustin isn’t impressing us, he’s acting as secretary for MIGANG (read: still impressing us) and loving up his mostly tolerable cat.
Danielle McMillan
Program Management
Dani has been to treatment for her whiteboard addiction. Fortunately, it never took. If a project requires one’s best, maybe seems impossible, Dani can do it. A former developer turned systems analyst/program manager, Dani has keen understanding for the entire development cycle. Here, she is our automotive lead processing Commander in Chief. At home, she is cyclist, kitchen-whiteboarder, U.P. native, mom.
Brian Merriman
Program Management
It isn’t surprising to learn that Brian grew up on a farm. His work ethic is unmatched. It makes him almost tough to define. He is part artist, part dev, part manager, half dad, and all around great person. Brian has led our online marketing team for close to a decade, but his resume reads rich with design experience twice that count. When Brian isn’t carrying the heaviest load, he’s making monsters for Halloween while drinking a Sierra Nevada Pal Ale.
Shane O'Dell
Our second official hire, Shane is both devoted and treasured. With 20 years of dev experience and 15 years of domain knowledge in lead processing, Shane’s days are spent coding, consulting, and guiding our technological strategy. If he built it, QA can take the day off. Shane’s thoroughness and willingness make him coveted by teammates and clients. His dark humor, appetite for knowledge, and love of gummies make him Shane.
Dallas Odom
Your email will not hang out in Dallas’s inbox. He’s responsive and downright helpful. With past experience that includes demographic data processing and front-end web development, Dallas has more recently been wowing Wamba as Email Manager App Guru, and with his work on a consumer-facing data portal. When he isn’t coding, he’s enjoying a Dole Whip in Adventureland. Or gaming. Or beating you at trivia.
Steve Plane
He’s our Creative OG! Steve was consultative in the design of some of WambaTech’s flagship products and continues to offer his creative skills via our online marketing platform. He boasts nearly 15 years of design experience primarily in the automotive sector. Steve’s keen eye for cool graphics makes him relied on to set and shift trends. When Steve isn’t pixelating, he’s bringing his puppies in for a visit (thank goodness), or island-hopping.
Rachel Quinlan
If we listed all of Rachel’s awards and recognitions for her artwork, she would look down sheepishly and attempt to disappear. Thank goodness for us, her super power is not invisibility. With more than 10 years of experience as a designer, Rachel has a consultative approach which lends much experience and flexibility to her creative process. Oh, and those super powers … drinking all the coffee, reading all the books, making all the things, parenting all three kiddos.
Erin Riley
Quality Assurance
Erin protects our clients’ reputations. She ensures cross-device/cross-client compatibility in addition to messaging and design for our email marketing efforts. If you hear Erin complain, please be sure to mark it on the calendar, because it will be a first. Erin will do anything to improve our game, provided she isn’t busy refining hers on the Roller Derby track or as a diehard mama bear to her teenaged son.
Lucy Schmitt
Lucy came to us straight from college. We aren’t even sure she ditched her backpack first. In the five years since, she has grown exponentially. Lucy currently codes for our automotive inventory management product. The team reveres her for dedicated analysis, measured approach, and wicked intelligence; and, we forgive her for the unnatural flip-phone attachment. When she isn’t aspiring, Lucy is gaming. Like, for sure, she’s gaming.
Kalyan Vemula
Try to make Kalyan flinch with your complex tech needs; we dare you. This guy devs eyes closed, no sweat, and gets it to you before you asked for it. It’s almost unsettling. We like the guy anyway, though. Kalyan has been a developer for more than 20 years with domain knowledge in automotive lead processing and inventory management. He’s also quite the cook, an avid traveler, and a shoe aficionado.

What We Got


  • Business Analysis
  • Business Intelligence
  • Technical Strategy
  • System and Application Architecture
  • Security Approach

Data Handling

  • Big Data
  • ETL Processing
  • Data Validation, Cleansing, and Normalization
  • Database Architecture
  • Database Tuning and Optimization


  • Digital Marketing Material Creation
  • Responsive Design (Web, Mobile, etc.)
  • Email, Text, and Social Media Campaign Execution
  • Administrative Console Conceptualization
  • UX Visualization and Execution
  • Graphics Creation


  • System Design
  • Custom Software Development
  • Enterprise Application Building
  • API Design and Construction
  • B2B Integrations
  • System Modernization
  • Legacy Code Refactoring
  • Troubleshooting

Project Management

  • Project Planning
  • Scope and Deliverable Management
  • Business Requirements Gathering
  • Resource Management
  • Documentation
  • Goal Defining and Fulfillment
  • Analytics

Quality Assurance

  • Test Plan Development
  • UI/UX Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • UI Design Optimization
  • UX Realization Guarantee
  • Cross-Browser/Cross-Device Compatibility Assurance
  • Data Reconciliation
  • Business Specification Fulfillment